Provider of Joy and Happiness through Colour and Embroidery!

Hi there! I'm Melanie, the purveyor of joy and happiness through the vibrant world of colour and embroidery at TOM & LILY CREATIONS. Originally a language teacher, I embarked on the exciting journey of founding my own design company after the arrival of our children, Thomas and Lily.

Now based near Perpignan in the sunny south of France, my designs radiate with brightness, vivid hues, and a touch of humour—all crafted to bring a smile to my customers' faces. As an independent Cross Stitch and Blackwork designer, I've been passionately creating and stitching my own designs for 18 years.

My profound connection with colour is deeply ingrained in both me and the DNA of my business. Colour is more than just a visual aspect; it's a source of vitality and energy for me. This vibrant energy is infused into my designs, hand-dyed threads (Color Gem Threads), and hand-dyed fabrics.

With a commitment to infusing joy and love into every product, I strive to make you feel special when using my creations. My motto, "COLOUR IS LIFE," encapsulates the essence of what I bring to the world—celebrating the beauty of life through the kaleidoscope of colours in every stitch.